Villa KOSARA was built in 2000. It is situated in the tourist resort ““ Konstantin and Helena”. The villa is a nice and attractive three-storey building, surrounded by a beautiful garden with a lots and lots of flowers, sidewalks shaped by green grass, barbeque, water pool ( 7 m long, 4 m wide, 1.30 m deep ), unspoiled atmosphere. Villa KOSARA is 500 m away from the sea and the beach, very near to the Grand-hotel “ Varna ”. There are well-run communications and shops with objects of common use in the resort. Comfortable transport to Varna and nearest resorts of Albena, Sunny Day, Golden Sands is available for the tourists. There is a food store very near to the villa.

Villa KOSARA offers accommodation in:

  • double rooms ,
  • apartments,
  • bungalow ( in the villa’s yard).

Facilities at the disposal of the guests:

  • tables inside a hall, tables outside by the swimming pool
  • barbeque
  • swimming pool and chaise-longues ( deck chairs )

Double rooms:

  • private WC, shower and basin
  • balcony,
  • refrigerator,
  • TV set ( cable TV – 40 channels )
  • air-condition ( local, split system )
  • suggested accommodation: 2 persons


  • two self-contained bedrooms
  • sitting-room with kitchen box ( entirely equipped with cooker, refrigerator, all kitchen utensils and cutlery )
  • private WC, shower and basin
  • all three rooms with balconies,
  • TV set ( cable TV – 40 channels )
  • air-condition ( local, split system )
  • suggested accommodation: 4+1 persons ( a stretching sofa in the sitting room )


  • two self-contained bedrooms
  • sitting-room, kitchen box ( entirely equipped with cooker, large refrigerator, all kitchen utensils and cutlery )
  • private WC, wash-tub, shower and basin
  • private terrace with a table and chairs,
  • TV set ( cable TV – 40 channels )
  • air-condition ( local, split system )
  • suggested accommodation: 4+1 persons ( a stretching sofa in the sitting room )

The price of room / apartment includes:

  • room cleaning ( daily )
  • towel exchange ( every 3 days )
  • bed sheets exchange ( every 7 days )
  • Wifi internet access

Following services are available in the villa:


  • transfer
  • laundry and ironing


  • parking ( in villa’s yard )
  • swimming pool, deck chairs, umbrellas, barbeque
  • booking exscursions and events ( assistance )
  • rent-a-car ( assistance )
  • taxi ( ordering )
  • medical aid ( assistance )
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • iron, hair dryer
  • baby’s bed

Sea resort “ Konstantin and Helena”
The resort “ Konstantin and Helena” is the first international resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast . This magnificent complex of hotels and tourist facilities dates from 1949. It is situated 10 km North of Varna. There are many good reasons the resort to be visited today – specific concentration of various vegetation ( cypresses, lilies, fig trees ), quiet coves, calm sandy beaches, fresh air, abundance of mineral resources for revitalizing sea treatment. The resort “ Konstantin and Helena” would be an excellent choice for families seeking beach holidays.


Varna ( 370,000 inhabitants ) – Pearl on the Black sea coast as it used to be called is the third town of Bulgaria in terms of population. It is a chief town of the department and an important Black sea port. Its whole economy turns on this function. The best view of Varna , situates in its three miles wide bay is from the sea.
From this view point the town with its houses rising in trees above the Sea Gardens within girdle of vineyards and orchards seems to be just emerging from the sea.
A large industrial city and a great commercial centre Varna is also a popular bathing resort and the centre of the best developed tourist area in Bulgaria
Varna is at the same latitude with the world known French resorts such as Biatitz and Baillon.
To the attention of the Varna visitors are many interesting historical and cultural spots. Archeological museum ( founded 1887 ), ethnographical museum, the Roman citadel, the Aquarium, the Cathedral of the Dormition ( built 1880-1886 ) etc.

Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is very picturesque and beautiful with large beaches, covered with fine and clean sand.
Due to its natural characteristics, the sea coast is attractive and suitable for holiday of all kinds. The Black Sea Coast is just famed for the mildness of its climate in which the fog is almost unknown, its low rainfall and the cool breezes even in the heat of summer.
The sea is said to be hotter than the Mediterranean . The sea water temperature rises up to 28 deg C in July and August and drops to 7 deg C in December.

The sea water salt contamination is low ( 17.5 parts per 1000 ) compared with ( 36 parts per 1000 ) in the Mediterranean . The sea water is of exceptional transparency. This part contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, which have a beneficial effect on the human organism.


Bulgaria is situated in the south-eastern extremity of Europe, occupying the North-eastern part of the Balkan peninsula. Both in area 111,000 sq. km and population a little over 8 million inhabitants, it is one of the smallest European countries. Its importance is mainly due to its geographical position at the junction of the main routes connecting western and northern Europe with the Near and Middle East. Bulgaria has a common border with Romania, separated by the Danube – to the North, with Serbia and Macedonia – to the west and Turkey and Greece to the south. On the east it is bounded by the Black Sea.